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Certified Toxic Mold Diagnosis and Remediation in CA.

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We offer comprehensive consulting and professional services to the Real Estate and Mortgage Community, Insurance Industry, and Property Management Firms, as well as private, public, and governmental agencies.

Specialty Services include :

Consulting  ~  Microbial Growth Assessment
Toxic Mold Investigations
Viable and Non-viable Microbial Diagnosis Sampling 
Water Intrusion Investigation
Remediation Project Design
Remediation Oversight
Post Remediation Clearance Testing
Toxic Mold Preventative Maintenance Programs
 Asbestos & Lead Identification & Abatement Project Oversight

The Certified Bio Services Team consists of :
-Board Certified Microbial Consultants and Investigators
-Industrial Hygienists
-Board Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisors
-Certified Asbestos Consultants
-Certified FHA/HUD Building Inspectors
-Independent AIHA Accredited Environmental Microbial and Industrial Hygiene Laboratory 

This team uniquely qualifies us to assist our clients in:
-Identifying and evaluating potential exposures to microbial, asbestos, and lead in residential, office, industrial, and outdoor environments
-Development of abatement protocols involving microbial growth, lead-based paint, and asbestos materials
-Implementation and oversight of abatement and remediation protocols, involving microbial growth, lead-based paint, and asbestos materials
-Conducting water intrusion investigations
-Limiting liabilities associated with microbial growth, lead-based paint, and asbestos materials

  • Complying with applicable Federal, State, and Local health, safety, and environmental regulations
All professional services are performed by or under the direction of our senior staff, who are Board Certified in the comprehensive practice of Microbial Consulting, Investigation, and Remediation.
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Certified toxic mold diagnosis and remediation, providing services in Orange, San Berdino, and LA counties in CA.

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